Travel information

How to travel

Due to very limited parking around Zuiderpark it is recommended that you travel to Divercity by public transport.

By Train

Hague Diversity is easy to reach by public transport. From The Hague Central Station and The Hague Hollands Spoor you can proceed by HTM to Zuiderpark tram 9 direction Vrederust, tram 16 direction Wateringen and bus 26 direction Zuiderpark.

With the bus

From the back of station Den Haag Holland Spoor, de lage Waldorpstraat departs Bus 26 towards Zuiderpark.

By Tram

From The Hague Central Station and Den Haag Holland Spoor departs Tram 9 (Vrederust) and Tram 16 (Wateringen) towards Zuiderpark.


The best way to travel to off Divercity by public transport. Journey you come by car, please use one of the many P + R locations in The Hague and then continue to travel to Zuiderpark by public transport. Click here for an overview of the P + R sites in The Hague.

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