About Divercity

"World music is a controversial term. It groups everything and anything that 
isn't us into them" - David Byrne

The Hague Divercity

The Hague has approximately 500,000 inhabitants of today, more than half of the inhabitants are not of Dutch origin (Western and non-Western). The city now consists of a population of 170 different nationalities. A wealth that perfectly fits Hague Divercity. Hague DiverCity Hague is a new festival that offers a cultural reflection of the population of The Hague. Divercity focuses on non-Western art and culture appropriate to the Hague culturally diverse population of the Hofstad, consisting mainly of Moroccan, Turkish, Antillean, Surinamese Hindustani and Eastern European cultures. The dynamics of contemporary society and its culturally diverse population is translated into a versatile, multi-disciplinary program, and is presented in optimum shape during the Hague Divercity. The population of The Hague has changed tremendously over the years. Not only have the first generation of migrant workers see their children grow up, but now the third or sometimes fourth generation has been growing and has grown the variety of cultural backgrounds. Not only showing the different cultures is important, but also the promotion of encounters between cultures which should provide new impetus and new creativity. Diver City is not only a festival of recognition for the Hague residents especially the first and second generation non-Western immigrants, but also a festival of cultural encounter designed to ensure greater understanding and solidarity in The Hague.


Diversity is a festival in the Hague Zuiderpark where music, storytelling, presents visual art and poetry from around the world. The program focuses on the interaction between cultures and between tradition and modern trends with artists that have an established name on national and international levels. Culture is a powerful tool that the doors and windows wide open and Divercity is the binding factor, where people with different backgrounds meet each other based on mutual respect, shared interests and recognizable emotions. There are two 'main' stages, side program and a children's area. On the main stage will be leading world companies acte de presence indicate there is a festival marketplace, walking orchestras and ghosts artists, a special children's program, good food and drink, all in a cozy meeting place where artists from all over the world provide special cross-pollination.


Rand program
Divercity presents artists advancing the global cultural diversity. Diversity wants to introduce her audience with a variety of world cultures, but also the stories behind these cultures. Therefore Divercity programs various small-scale performances just to show the level of those cultures. The intimate programming produced by pop-up acts always and can occur throughout the South Park. Such as acrobats, trumpet choirs Surinamese, Antillean brass bands, dance companies or Hindustani word artists who tell the best stories and poems. Up close, one can hear stories, whether or not framed with music. A good story, told at the right time 'good', can make a world of difference. It can provide insight, people put in motion, urge, it can illuminate, connect and influence behavior. Therefore the magic of well-told stories is cherished and mastery in writing, telling stories and using incentives.

In addition to the artists at different stages The Hague Divercity has a wide range of food and drinks from all over the world and a large festival market with a wide range of t-shirts, bags, sunglasses, CDs, jewelry and many other gadgets. 


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